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    Is there any way to get the Premium (mostly FileFox) Links from going down so fast? I find some links nuked in as little as 12-24 hours past upload.
    I would think the uploader would want the links up as long as possible, they are, after all, posted to make money. You can't get clicks or any money if the links are dead.
    Could a password be used on these files? Are there any other options?
    I would ask the uploader directly but most all of those posts that have this issue, have their comments, conversations and sometimes profiles locked or blocked. After all the years I've been coming here I still don't understand why that needs to be done.
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    Thanks for all the great input on trying to resolve this issue.
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    ur welcome. was little to no effort. :p
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    Ohh, sit over there and hush bozzoo, lol
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